The war in Ukraine distracts Putin from Azerbaijan and Armenia

Ukraine in recent days went from defense to an effective counter-offensive. Russia’s attention is focused on the fighting in the east and south of Ukraine. Meanwhile, turbulence is taking place on the outskirts of Russia. Bloomberg points out that the defeats of Vladimir Putin may lead to the “collapse of the Russian backyard”.

The dormant conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia broke out again todaydespite the ceasefire that was negotiated by the Russian president and stopped the war in 2020, Bloomberg reports.

Clashes took place along the state border, and Armenia turned to Moscow for help as part of a mutual defense pact.

It is unclear what Russia can offer its ally after its army withdrew in Northeast Ukraine. US and European Union leaders are pushing to stop the violence, and Turkey is supporting Azerbaijan, its close partner.

Bloomberg emphasizes that all have an interest in expanding their influence at Putin’s expense. Reminds that The EU signed an agreement in July to double its natural gas imports from Azerbaijan. The United States also sees sourcing energy from Central Asian states such as Kazakhstan, bypassing Russia, as a key factor in limiting the Kremlin’s influence.

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