The war in Ukraine. 204th day of Russia’s invasion. Live

Ukraine must show that it is for everyone the manifestation of Russian terror will be a hard and principled reaction Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Thursday in a video speech, reports Ukrinform.

Today I thanked you Ursula von der Leyen, which is the second time since the invasion began visited Kyiv, for the support provided to us – macro-financial, sanction, defense. We also talked about energy cooperationwhich is extremely important to Ukraine and every EU country ahead of the winter that Russia will try use against all of us in Europe, the president said.

I informed the President of the European Commission, President Zelenskiy continued, about a new one and especially the nefarious tactics of Russian terrorists – attacks on energy and hydrotechnical infrastructure. Just during her stay in Ukraine the russian army launched a new missile attack to Kryvyi Rih. In both cases, for hydrotechnical structures. The purpose of these strokes is perfectly clear. These are attacks on people, on the normality of life in Ukraine. The terrorist state is trying to show that with such strikes it can compensate for cowardice and military incompetence, failure in efforts to avoid sanctions and economic isolation.

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