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Mass denunciations in Russia. Attacking opponents of the war

In Russia, the number of denunciations has been increasing since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine. People report on their relatives, accusing them of “discrediting” the Russian army – informs the independent “Novaya Gazieta. Jewropa”.

According to estimates by human rights defenders and lawyers, it has already been initiated in Russia at least 80 criminal cases in connection with “fejki”concerning the war and done over 3.4 thous. administrative protocols for “discrediting the army” – reports “Nowaja Gazieta. Jewropa”.

According to the internet portal established by the journalists of “Nowa Gazeta” who left Russia, denunciations are the formal reason for initiating some of the inspections. Many of them are made by the applicants’ relatives.

The website describes cases of informing your neighbors, spouse, child, teacher or even yourself.

For example, in Ufa, a neighbor reported that a woman was in the windows of her apartment she hung the sheets of paper with subtitles “Not for War”. The neighbor turned not only to the police, but also to the children’s ombudsman, because she was concerned that the woman’s son would not grow up to be a patriot.

In the city of Odincowo husband denounced his wife for her “anti-war position”. He accused his spouse of setting his son against the Russian authorities.

In Moscow in May the mother reported on her son for not wanting to join the army. As “Nowaja Gazieta. Jewropa” writes, the denunciation had financial reasons: the man did not work anywhere and lived with his mother.

The portal also writes, among others about the inhabitant of Krasnogorsk, who reported himself for drawing intoxicated anti-war graffiti on the wall.

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