The war in Ukraine. 176th day of the invasion of Russia. LIVE

The mass media often maintain that Russia is isolated after the invasion of Ukraine, while the phenomenon only affects the West, but not elsewhere in the world; most Arab countries, including some of Washington’s allies, take an ambivalent stance on the conflict in Ukraine, noted Spanish El Pais.

There are no demonstrations in Arab streets against the invasion of Russia, Ukrainian flags are not hung on the balconies, although there are no Russian flags either, the daily noted.

As noted, the narrative present on social networks is favorable to the Kremlin’s theses, even though some Arab countries have felt the effects Russian grain blockade from Ukraine. According to the only such research so far conducted in the countries of the region, the majority of or 66 percent respondents do not sympathize with any of the parties to the conflict – according to the publication of the English-language newspaper “Arab News”. As responsible for the outbreak of the war, 25 percent. of respondents indicated NATO, 16 percent. – Russia, and 13 percent. – US President Joe Biden. 7 thousand people participated in the study. people from 14 Arab countries.

The conflict in Ukraine is seen as a confrontation between Russia and the West, and not as Ukraine’s resistance to Russian aggression, explained Timothy Kaldas, an Egyptian researcher at the TIMEP analytical center.

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