The UN condemns Russia for the illegal annexation of part of Ukraine. Moscow alone

Only Syria, North Korea, Belarus and Nicaragua voted against the condemnation of Russia. 35 countries abstained, including India and China.

The text of the resolution speaks of condemning Russia for it an attempt to annex four regions of Ukraine and considers that the pseudo-referenda carried out by Russia in these territories are invalid and cannot constitute a basis for changing their status.

Wednesday’s vote in the Assembly was the result of an earlier one Russia’s blocking of the resolution at the UN Security Council. Compared to the vote in the Council, two countries have changed their votes – Brazil and Gabon, which previously abstained.

The rest of the text is below the video.

The number of countries that voted to condemn Russia was greater than in the resolution on Russian aggression adopted in March. Then 141 countries voted for it, and the same five voted against.

Among others, in favor of the condemnation of Russia Russia-friendly Serbia, and all Russia’s allies except Belarus within the Collective Security Treaty Organization (Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan) abstained from voting; Cuba, Pakistan, Eritrea, Vietnam, Thailand and Bolivia. Among the abstentions there were also some African countries, including South Africa; although Senegal, the leader of the African Union, voted in favor of condemnation.

The adoption of the resolution was preceded by an extensive lobbying campaign by the US and Western countries. This is the third text condemning Russia in connection with its war against Ukraine adopted by the General Assembly.

“We called on all UN member states to support this resolution (…). Now is not the time to make concessions. Time to act. No conscious person and no country can be indifferent to the devastating consequences of these atrocities,” said US Ambassador Thomas during the debate before the vote. Greenfield.

The Ukrainian Ambassador Serhiy Kystytsia compared Russia’s actions to the annexations made by the Third Reich and Austria’s anschluss, while the Polish representative Krzysztof Szczerski argued that the world cannot ignore Russia’s “terrorist” actions, and not condemning Russia would undermine the entire UN system.