The truck ran into the crowd in the Netherlands. At least two people are dead

The cause of the crash is not yet known. “For now, we consider all event scenarios possible,” the police said.

The truck ran into the crowd in the Netherlands

The police informed that they are investigating the incident, which took place around 19 in Nieuw Beijerland, about 30 km south of Rotterdam.

A video of the accident scene appeared on the Internet.

According to the police, the truck drove down a steep slope into the crowd. The vehicle did not stop until it hit the wall of the house.

The commune of Hoeksche Waard, where the Nieuw-Beijerland incident is located, has set up a temporary center for witnesses and relatives of the victims. Earlier, the city authorities called for the services not to be blocked from accessing the scene.

The mayor of Dodrecht, Wouter Kolff, located near Nieuw-Beijerland, commented on the incident on Twitter. “My thoughts are with the victims, their relatives and service officials who are doing everything in their power,” he wrote.

A driver who is said to be in shock is questioned by the police. It is not known yet why he entered the assembly.

The police worked until the night at the scene of the accident. The crane and tug called to the scene of the accident pulled the vehicle from the dike onto the road.

Major damage was visible at the scene of the accident, including overturned picnic tables, local media reported. Curtains were placed around the lying truck, which has a Spanish registration number, to protect the evidence of the accident and possibly deal with subsequent victims.

The witnesses of the accident and the victims’ families were provided with psychological assistance.

Acting Mayor Hoeksche Waard Charlie visited the scene on Saturday evening and offered his condolences to the victims, their families, as well as witnesses and first aiders.

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