The triumph of the 14-year-old Konderla again on the podium




Four-day weekend for our representatives. I am impressed by the background of the Slovenes – after all, they are already succeeded by Bogataj, Kriznar, Klinec and Rogelj. Bodlaj, Prevc, Kosnjek – let’s watch this trio closely. The only downside may be weaker Repinc-Zupancic jumps – I think that she is definitely weaker than those 3 younger friends. However, there is no tragedy.
Kanadki on the plus side – Strate is constantly in good shape and I hope it will only get better. I feel that we will see her on the podium of the World Cup in winter. Maurer and Eilers also performed very well. If Loutitt were with them, I feel like we could have a Canadian double on the podium.
The Austrians came out on average – Wiegele won (who never won a single World Cup point), while Kothbauer was much weaker than in the previous season.
As I said, Polish women did a good job. I hope that these two podiums by Konderla are no coincidence and that she will be able to jump at a similar level in the World Cup. She has talent, and she started jumping at the age of today’s competition winner. He just needs to work on the technique – but the notes are also a very important part, although the notes in the last jump looked really good. Twardosz very decently. I am able to say that the current no. 3 in Poland is Bełtowska. She’s 16 and she’s jumping really well. He has enormous potential, I hope that he will get a chance to appear in the World Cup a few times. Of course, I don’t expect something, it’s important that she gets some experience. We can notice a significant improvement compared to the previous season in Cieślary. The rally must stabilize her form – she is able to jump at the top 10 level, and then make fatal jumps that can barely fit her into 30. Yesterday was good and today bad again. Nightingale not bad. I will give Karpiel a chance – apparently they start from scratch with her. We’ll see how she copes in the coming months. Tajner is weaker, Kil is rather hobby jumping, and Brenkus is the youngest of them and will still learn.
German women average. Mesikova and Pylypchuk did not disappoint – they give good trials. Ulrichova has consistently good jumps, while Indracková has had a decent downgrade.

Individually, on +:
Konderla, Kosnjek, Wiegele, Bełtowska, Twardosz, Eilers, Strate, Maurer

On -:
Prevc, Bodlaj, Indrackova, Kothbauer, Boehme, Feicht, Rajda


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