The successor of the WIBOR rates is getting closer. This is crucial for millions of borrowers in Poland

The Steering Committee of the National Working Group (KS NGR) on benchmarks intends at one of its upcoming meetings to select a new RFR indicator for PLN and adopt a roadmap for the replacement schedule for the WIBOR and WIBID indicators – the Polish Financial Supervision Authority announced in a press release.

“KS NGR intends to select a new benchmark RFR for zloty at one of the upcoming meetings and adopt the Road Map. The next step of KS NGR will be to recommend standards for the use of the new RFR index in banking, leasing and factoring products” – it was written.

The reform of benchmarks and the conversion of WIBOR rates are crucial for millions of borrowers in Poland. First of all, it concerns housing loans in zlotys, of which approx. 95% has a variable interest rate depending on WIBOR rates. This means that only in this respect, the case concerns about 2 million contracts, i.e. about 3.6 million borrowers. In addition, there are other loans, leasing and factoring as well as bonds based on the WIBOR rate.

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