The stars of the Bosnia and Herzegovina national team do not want to play with Russia

Bosnia and Herzegovina accepted the offer to play a friendly match against Russia. The facts, however, are that it was done behind the backs of the national team leaders, who are against such events.

At a time when innocent people are dying across our eastern border, the football federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has published information about accepting an invitation from the Russian national team to play a friendly match. This was done against the FIFA ban. The international authorities suspended “Sborna” in connection with the brutal attack on Ukraine.

The meeting of these two nations is supposed to take place on November 19 in Saint Petersburg.


This is how much Russia will pay the Bosnian federation for a controversial friendly match


Almost immediately, this decision was met with a huge wave of criticism. First, the president of Sarajevo referred to it via the media, who threatened that if the match came to a match, the capital city would break any relations with the Bosnia and Herzegovina federation.

Representatives of this Balkan country, including Captain Edin Džeko, also express their opposition to the matter.

– I am against this game. I am for peace, and the federation knows my opinion very well. Unfortunately, it is not me who decides who Bosnia and Herzegovina will play with – said the striker in

Another star, Miralem Pjanić, also expressed his view on the matter.

– I heard about this federation decision. The best part is that I was called and asked for my opinion. I said what I thought and then the decision surprised me. I have no words – said the former Barcelona player.

At the moment it looks like the match will take place on November 19 in Saint Petersburg.

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