The sports legend has fled Russia! Strong words. “It’s shocking for all of us”

After the announcement of “partial mobilization” in Russia, many citizens decided to leave their homeland. As it turned out, this group included Anastasia Davidova. The former country representative in synchronized swimming was due to leave, saying that she did not plan to return.

Information about the mysterious departure of Dawydov was provided by the Russian service MatchTV. The Russian Synchronized Swimming Federation also allegedly does not have any information regarding the woman’s plans.

The rest of the text below the video …

– I’m really surprised. This is shocking to all of us. I doubt if any of the girls knew about the reasons for her departure and it seems to me that no one will say anything. Apparently, we have to wait for Dawydowa, who will announce the reasons for her decision – Alla Shishkin, another representative in synchronized swimming, told MatchTV.

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