The Seym honored two Polish heroes. Nobody was against

The resolution recalled that “2022 will be the 90th anniversary of the great victory of Poles in the largest interwar aviation event – the International Tourist Aircraft Competition Challenge in Berlin”. The pilot Franciszek Żwirko came from the Vilnius Region, and the designer Stanisław Wigura from Żytomierz. Both fought against the Bolsheviks in their youth. Then they became involved in the development of Polish aviation.

“Franciszek Żwirko and Stanisław Wigura on August 28, 1932, flying a plane of the Polish design RWD-6, won against the favorites of the Germans. The Poles completed the loop, the beginning and end of which were in Berlin, leading through Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Yugoslavia, and Italy , Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. This victory not only had a sports dimension, but also raised the prestige of the Polish aviation industry and made our homeland famous “- stated in the resolution.

“Several days after the Berlin success, on September 11, 1932, Żwirko and Wigura flew from Warsaw to meet their Czech colleagues. In the Cieszyn region, Polish pilots died surprised by a violent storm, as a result of which their plane crashed in Zaolzie near Cierlicek Górny” – reminded.

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