The series “Forbidden Fruit” – we know what will happen in October. Zeynep will be shocked! [29.09.22]

Check what will happen in the newest episodes of the series “Forbidden Fruit”. During the Yildiz pregnancy control, the doctor determines that the fetus is dead. Halit shows Alihan a gift for Erim. Alihan learns it’s the watch of the man for whom his mother cheated on his father. Alihan devises revenge on Halita … Zeynep will be shocked! You can read the summaries of the episodes of the “Forbidden fruit” series, which we will see in early October, in the gallery

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In October, in the series “Zakazany Owoc”: Zeynep sees something wrong with Alihan. Ender tells Alihan that he knows it was he who planted her pictures of Yildiz. They decide to work together against Halit. To this end, Ender proposes marriage to Alihan! Ender is about to discover the secret of imitation jewelry, but Kemal pursues her. The Kemal man opens the safe and Yildiz puts the jewelry back. When Zeynep says she accepts Alihan’s proposal, Ender steps in and announces that she has just … married him.

Check what else will happen in the series “Forbidden Fruit” in early October. We publish abstracts in the gallery.

The plot of the series “Forbidden Fruit” focuses on two sisters – Yilidz and Zeynep. The girls live together in a poor neighborhood of Istanbul and are different like fire and water.


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