The scandal before the World Cup. New evidence on false identity of the representative of Ecuador. He admitted it himself

Will the Ecuador national team lose its place in the world championship? The Daily Mail has released further evidence that Byro Castillo played for her on false papers.

The defender of the Mexican Club Leon played in eight matches for the Ecuadorian national team in the qualifying rounds for the World Cup. It is not known, however, whether he had the right to do so. Doubts concern the place and date of his birth.

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The alarm was raised by the Chilean federation – the national team of this country lost to Ecuador in the competition for promotion to the world championship. According to her, Castillo used false documents. It was argued that the footballer cannot represent Ecuador because he is still a Colombian citizen. He was supposed to come to the new country as an illegal immigrant.

The Castillo case was investigated by FIFA. In June, she dismissed the complaint – ruling that Castillo was born in Ecuador. However, the Commission, which dealt with the subject, did not take into account all the documents. Ignored, among others Colombian act of baptism of a footballer.

Another evidence in the case was presented by the Daily Mail. The newspaper found a recording of an audition at the Ecuadorian Football Association in 2018. Castillo admitted that he was born in 1995, and not in 1998, as his Ecuadorian documents state. He also gives other personal details – he introduces himself as Bayron Javier Castillo Segura, which is in line with his Colombian birth certificate. According to Ecuadorian documents his name is Byron David Castillo Segura.

The footballer admitted that he left the Colombian Tumaco for San Lorenzo, Ecuador. He described the circumstances in detail. He also named the businessman who gave him the new identity – this is Marco Zambrano, owner of the Norteamerica club.

The committee of inquiry of the Ecuadorian federation that investigated the Castillo case made it clear in its report that Castillo was a Colombian citizen. Despite this, the union officially recognized the player as Ecuadorian. He saw no obstacles to appointing him to the representation.

Castillo’s identity had raised doubts long before that. The first time the controversy arose in 2015. The player was then supposed to move from Norteamerica to Club Emelec, but the transfer failed due to inaccuracies in the player’s documents. Three years later, the first club was suspended by the Ecuadorian Football Association due to the use of false documents from the players.

If FIFA changed the results of the matches Castillo played for Ecuador, there would be a reshuffle in the World Cup elimination table in the South American zone. The place awarded with the promotion would be Chile.

Ecuador is due to play in the World Cup opening match against Qatar on November 20. In addition, in the group stage, his rivals are the Netherlands and Senegal.

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