The scammer has gotten into Trump’s circle of advisers. She played golf with him and talked about investments

A 33-year-old immigrant from Ukraine, who had several false passports, claimed to be a member of the Rothschild family. As a result, she joined the circle of Donald Trump’s advisers after his presidency and was a guest at his house several times, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported. The woman is being investigated by the FBI.

According to the investigation of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette journalists and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) media consortium, a woman – Inna Jaszczyszyn born in Tarnopol – pretended to be “Anna de Rotschild”, trying to make friends and enter into business cooperation with people from former president’s circle.

According to the published photos and recordings, Jaszczyszyn has visited the Trump residence on several occasions Mar-a-Lago in Florida and played golf with him, in the company of incl. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. Talking to the president’s associates, she was to talk about her alleged investments in the Bahamas, in Monaco, or the construction of the Formula 1 track in Miami.

The newspaper also published photos four different passports of a womanonly one of which – Ukrainian – contained her real name. She also had US and Canadian passports in the name of Anna de Rotschild and Russian passports in the name of Anna Anisimowa. These documents were to be handed over to the FBI, which is conducting an “ever-growing investigation” in her case. Canadian investigators are also conducting their own investigation.

According to the newspaper, Trump’s entourage only in March this year. discovered that is dealing with a fraud.

According to the “Pittsburgh Post-Gazette” text, Jaszczyszyn’s business partner was a businessman from Moscow, Valery Tarasenko. He later testified that the woman “was using a false identity as Anna de Rothschild to gain access and build relations with American politiciansincluding Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham, (former Missouri Governor Erik Greitens and others).

Before posing as Anna de Rothschild, Jaszczyszyn worked for a Florida-based company that specialized in “giving Russian pregnant mothers the option of obtaining US citizenship for their children.” There was also, inter alia, head of a bogus charitable foundation United Hearts of Mercy (Tarasenko ran a foundation of the same name in Canada), which in fact was to be a source of money for the criminal group.

Former Secret Service agent Ron Williams told the paper that protecting the Trump property should have verified the woman’s identity, but “that doesn’t mean it happened.”

The question is whether it was an espionage or a fraud threat. The problem is that we ask this question at all – another former service officer, Charles Marino, said.

Even during Trump’s presidency, two Chinese women – one of whom had two passports and a USB drive containing malware – were convicted of illegally entering his property.

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