The Russians showed how they train reservists. Propaganda versus reality

This is how Russian propaganda boasts of the “success” of reservist training. The pictures created from the exercises before leaving for the front were shown by the Russian state television Rossiya 1. The propaganda video was made available by the Associated Press agency. The new conscripts were to undergo training in the use of weapons and heavy artillery, as well as first aid and drone handling. Everything took place in the Moscow region on one of the military training grounds. The Russians, however, lie the best, because the soldiers in the film are equipped with the most modern equipment and accessories. Meanwhile, the reality is completely different. Many of the reservists live in dire conditions, without access to water and heating. In addition, they cannot count on the equipment that appeared in the pictures created by the propaganda. There is no research, training and implementation. The appointed Russians basically immediately go to the front, where they are killed or sent to prisoner-of-war camps. The Ukrainian portal Pravda confirmed that some members of Putin’s army are equipped with a helmet, a rusty rifle and light combat clothing. Some experts from Strategy & Future even think that there is a lack of specialized footwear and knee pads for conscripts. Commanders order to fill in the gaps by taking items of equipment from soldiers who died during the fighting. In addition, the British Ministry of National Defense said that reservists were required to supply their own first aid supplies. However, Russian propaganda is silent about this. Since the beginning of the announcement of partial mobilization, over 200,000 people have fled from Russia. men of recruiting age.


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