The Russians lost invaluable equipment. The great success of the Ukrainians

The Ukrainian offensive, apart from liberating other towns from Russian occupation, brings the Ukrainians valuable equipment gains. The Zoopark-1M artillery radar was among the vehicles left behind by the escaping Russians. What is this equipment for?

Zoopark-1M is a valuable and rare catch. It is a development version designed back in the times of the USSR self-propelled artillery radar Zoopark. The 1M version, developed by the Almaz-Antej complex, was presented for the first time in 2013.

Zoopark-1M is mounted on the MT-LB chassis and is equipped with a 1L259 radar. The entire complex was designated 1L260. It allows both airspace surveillancej, detection of drones, airplanes and helicopters, as well as – above all – the detection of artillery shells of various calibers and ballistic missiles fired.

Zoopark-1M – detection of incoming missiles

The detection range depends on the size of the projectile. For 81 mm – 120 mm mortar shells, it reaches 18-22 km, 155 howitzer shells are detected at a distance of 15-20 km, and Grad or HIMARS – 25-35 km.

According to the manufacturer, the given detection ranges are also achievable under conditions of use by the enemy ECM systemsinterfering with the operation of such devices.

The feature emphasized by the manufacturer is the possibility of effective operation also in conditions of intense artillery fire – Zoopark-1M can detect and calculate trajectories for 70 targets per minute.

Zoopark-1M destroyed by the Russians

Thanks to this, it is able not only to warn about incoming missiles and indicate their point of impact, but also to determine the place from which they were fired, which allows for counter-batter fire and firing at the enemy artillery position.

The time from detecting the missile to indicating the place of its launch and falling is about 20 seconds. An important feature of the set is also quick readiness for action – the time to switch from the marching position to the combat position is about 5 seconds.

The captured Zoopark-1M is another example of this weapon lost by the Russians. The first stayed captured by Ukrainians in March 2022second – destroyed in August. At least one of their radars was also damaged (in Russia) by the Russians themselves. The set, transported on a wheeled platform, was damaged as a result of a collision with a bridge in Voronezh.

Ɓukasz Michalik, journalist of Wirtualna Polska

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