The Russians are fleeing, the authorities have a special system to catch them

Information about the bans on crossing the border comes from the common migration and registration system “MIR”, which accumulates all bans for various reasons; for example, it is also used to prevent debtors or wanted persons from leaving the country. The citizen cannot check whether the ban is in force, so the ban comes as a surprise to the passenger; Of course, the money for the non-refundable ticket cannot be refunded.

In recent days, only those to whom summons or mobilization orders have been issued, even if they have not yet been served, have been added to the travel bans list.

More radical measures have also been taken in many regions. In Tyumen, for example, all men traveling on international flights had to provide a certificate from the military registration and conscription office, reports the local portal, citing the press service of the Roshkhina airport. At the airports, workers already use these lists and in the last 24 hours about 20 Russians were not allowed to leave the country.

Escape across the border by land will do nothing, because the MIR system works at all border crossings and the database is standardized there. Some people sneak into Kazakhstan and Belarus illegally – you can enter there using national passports without any stamps in foreign passports.

These bans also apply to flight crew members – pilots and flight attendants. In recent days, one of the pro-governmental Russian dailies, “Kommersant”, reported that airline employees started receiving calls within the first 24 hours after the mobilization was announced. Many pilots are graduates of military academies and reserve officers.

Source: Bell, Kommersant

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