The Russians are fleeing mobilization. Strings of cars at the borders [NAGRANIA]

The recording from the Russian border with Georgia in the village of Verkhniy Lars in Russia’s North Ossetia was published by the Insider portal. It shows a long line of cars, arranged in several rows on the access road to the border. The recording also shows that some people try to circumvent the traffic jam on bicycles or scooters.

“Drivers wait 40-50 hours. There are arguments in the queue from time to time,” said Insider.

On Saturday, the Russian side announced that approx. 2.3 thousand people are waiting to leave the country at the border. cars.

As we wrote in Onet, However, Russians are not greeted with “bread and salt” or local wine and chacha. Many are arrogant and are flooding Georgia with rubles, which has led to significant increases in stores.

The eastern border of Finland was crossed on Saturday and Sunday by nearly 17,000. Russians. In front of the most popular crossings, in the vicinity of Lappeenranta or Imatra, kilometers long queues of cars stood on the Russian side throughout the night, the Finnish border guard announced on Monday.

We do not have exact data, but travelers have talked about even five-kilometer long queues – said Mikko Hamalainen, head of the local unit of the border guard unit of Southeast Finland. It is through the crossings in this region, which concentrate mainly traffic from the vicinity of St. Petersburg, that most Russians come to Finland; about 15 thousand at the weekend

Anna-Lena Lauren, the correspondent of “Dagens Nyheter” in Moscow, has published a video from the border crossing in Torfianovka. As he informs, the queue of cars is long, but not like in Georgia.

Border traffic from the east clearly intensified after September 21 mobilization for war with Ukraine was announced in Russia. According to the local press, travelers of “all kinds” from Russia come to Finland from Russia, including whole families, but also many young men fleeing drafting into the army. The Finnish services claim that even more people will want to move to Finland in the coming days.

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