The Russian stole the camera, but he did not foresee one. Now recordings from his house are circulating on the web

According to Trux’s website, a Russian from Buryatia stole a camera in Łyman and installed it in his apartment. However, he did not change the settings and did not think that the owner of the camera was watching the image recorded by it on his phone or laptop. We didn’t have to wait long for the effect.

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A recording from the Russian’s house was made available on the Internet. He published them on Twitter, among others Trux Service. “The Russian did not reset the stolen cameras, and now their real owner can watch online what is happening in the Russians’ house” – we read in the entry.

During the invasion of Ukraine, the Russians stole almost everything they could get from their houses and flats. In June, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense published a ranking of the most surprising things that Putin’s soldiers appropriated. The list includes, among others boilers, socks and even dog kennels.

In the recording from the Russian’s house, published on Twitter, you can see a modest interior, a woman in a bathrobe sitting at the table, you can hear fragments of conversations. As Trux’s service adds, a stolen camera is an outdoor recording equipment. It is not known for what purpose the Russian installed it inside. “Now the owner of the camera can observe the life of the brainless occupant every day” – sums up Next on Twitter.

Source: Twitter