The Russian economist’s prediction is already coming true? Mobilization is bleeding out the Russian economy

“The Russian economy will be dead until winter, I wrote in early March” Russian economist Władysław Inozemtsev recently recalled, director of the Moscow think tank Center for Post-Industrial Studies at the Russian Council for International Affairs (RIAC), on the Russian website The Insider, quoted by “Now I think I was right. The mobilization announced on September 21 was a milestone that divided Russian history into “before” and “after”. This is the event that started the final countdown of the Putin era added.

The structure of the Russian economy is to make the staff shortages noticeable quickly. It seems that the verification of his words comes very quickly. “Other sectors are asking the Kremlin to exclude workers from the announced conscription. Otherwise the production will happen. It has already been done by IT, electronics and petrochemical companies, and now farms, pipe manufacturers and construction companies are fighting for workers. They warn that there will be a shortage of grain, fruit, housing and winter heating specialists, and prices will soar” – writes “Republic“, with reference to” Kommersant “.

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