The remains of two people were identified. Klitschko mourns his friend

The remains of two people were identified. Klitschko mourns his friend

“I am devastated by the loss of my dear friend Rainer Schaller. He was an amazing father, leader, supporter of Ukraine and an overall good man” – Vladimir Klitschko wrote on his Twitter profile.

Until the plane crashin which Schaller and members of his family died, happened on October 21. They all traveled private jet billionaire. There were six people on board.

A machine flying to Mexico disappeared from the radar when tried to land on the runway in the Limon area of ​​eastern Costa Rica.

Corpse of an adult and a child discovered the next day 28 kilometers from the coastline. There were parts of the plane wreckage nearbyas well as personal belongings of the passengers of the tragic flight.

Klitschko devastated: “I miss you and your family. I love you”

On Friday found human remains were identified. The official announcement stated that it was fragments of the bodies of Schaller and his son.

“I miss you and your family. I love you, rest in peace, brother” – thus ends Kliczka’s dramatic entry.

In the post, the former boxer posted a videofilmed during the visit on which together with his brother Witalij welcomes the German entrepreneur to Kiev.

Schaller was a tycoon in the fitness industry, one of the most thriving businessmen in Germany. Founded and managed the RSG Group entity, having a network of gyms and cardio studios in many European countries. He employed several thousand people.

In 2010, he organized a Love Parade in Duisburg, during which – due to inadequate securing of the event – 21 participants were killed and over 500 injured. He was then blamed for this tragic event.

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