The Reaper’s Full Moon. It can cause serious health problems

On Saturday, September 10, we will be able to see the Reaper Moon in the sky. It is the last full moon of this summer, which heralds the fast approaching autumn. Find out when you can admire this phenomenon and how it affects our body.


1. The Reaper Moon – what is this phenomenon?

The Reaper Moon is also called the Corn Moon or the Full Moon. Thanks to this phenomenon, in the old days, when there was no access to artificial lighting, farmers could harvest their crops after sunset.

During the last full summer, the moon rises at the same time as the sun sets, resulting in an exceptionally bright light. This year we will be able to observe the Harvest Moon on Saturday, September 10. This astronomical phenomenon is best observed outside the city – in a place where we will not be disturbed by artificial lights.

2. How does fullness affect our health?

According to scientists fullness can affect our health and well-being. In some people, strong light from the moon causes insomnia, sleep disorders, difficulty concentrating, nervousness, irrational behavior, and increased appetite and sexual desire.

If we fall asleep during the full moon, our dreams may be more intense. When the moon is on the opposite side of the earth to the sun, the production of the happiness hormone in our body is disturbed. Fluctuating serotonin levels adversely affects the quality and quantity of night rest and excessively stimulates our appetite. During a full moon, there can also be problems with the intestines, circulatory system and the reproductive system in women.

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