The president of Ukraine excludes talks with Russia. She has a good reason

Recalling that Monday is the 180th day of Ukraine’s defense against Russia’s aggression, Zelenskiy emphasized that this week is the most important Ukrainian holiday – Independence Day.

He stated that the aggressors certainly did not expect that it would be celebrated in a situation like the present one. “They are trying to do their best to break the spirit of resistance of the Ukrainians after they have found out that a quick and easy victory they had hoped for is impossible,” Zelenskiy said.

– Currently, there are numerous reports in the media that the scenery is being prepared in Mariupol for the absolutely disgusting and absurd show trial of Ukrainian defenders, our fighters, who are imprisoned by the occupiers, Zelenskiy said.

– Regardless of the plans of the occupiers, the reaction of our state will be absolutely clear. If this deplorable process comes … it will draw a line beyond which any negotiation will be impossible. Russia will cut itself off from them … there will be no further talks, stressed the Ukrainian president.

He added that all of Ukraine’s partners were informed of what “this terrorist state can prepare for this week”. – Everyone understands everything. They are aware of what the occupiers are doing and the dangers of this. They also understand that Ukraine will not tolerate it, Zelenskiy said.

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