The Pope in Ukraine? “The easiest way is through Poland”

Ukraine’s ambassador to the Holy See, Andriy Jurasz, said that at the moment he is unable to give an approximate or more specific date of a possible visit of Pope Francis to his country. He stressed that the easiest way to Kiev is through Poland.

When asked PAP how probable and real is the Pope’s visit to Ukraine in the near future, before his visit to Kazakhstan in mid-September, Ambassador Jurasz replied: “It’s a bit difficult for me to answer this question. Ukraine will certainly be happy to welcome the Pope. Ukraine understands. both important and required preconditions for the organization of such a visit, but so far we have no confirmation. “

I really hope that the Holy Father thinks about such a possibility, but I would be afraid to specify an approximate or specific date of his visit to Ukraine – admitted the diplomat.

It is very important to organize this visit that we do we repeat and confirm that the easiest way for the Holy Father to get to Kiev is through Poland. In this context, cooperation with Poland, with the Polish authorities and with the authorities of the Polish Church will be very important, because the nearest airports and a direct railway route pass through Poland Ambassador Jurasz explained.

He then stated: “I am absolutely sure that the Polish side will be notified immediately and that we will have the same information at the same time.”

Andrij Jurasz, when asked if the cooperation between Ukraine and Poland is already ongoing, replied: “We exchange certain information, discuss general issues and are prepared to start cooperation at any time when it is possible. We are at the level of very close interaction”.

PAP also asked Ambassador Jurasz if he could imagine a situation in which the pope would first go to Kazakhstan on September 13, where he might meet Cyril, the patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, and then visit Ukraine.

I think anything is possible. Ukraine will be ready to host the Pope under any circumstancesbut a possible meeting with Patriarch Cyril may in some way influence the reactions in society, even inside the Catholic Church in Ukraine said the ambassador.

He also admitted: “It is even more important that such a possible meeting may have consequences and various reactions in other countries, such as Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia and many others, which treat the situation in Ukraine very seriously and try to help and support our country” .

But I understand that if this meeting between the Pope and Cyril takes place in Kazakhstan, it will be of a more formal nature.

I believe that in the capital of Nur-Sultan there will only be an exchange of official gestures of cooperation and understanding rather than a traditional, full meeting of two religious leaders – assessed the Ukrainian ambassador to the Holy See.

“We hope for a papal visit to Ukraine and we are waiting,” he assured.

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