The Pope about the daughter of the pro-Kremlin ideology of Daria Dugin: the innocent pay for the war. Ukrainian ambassador: Franciszek’s words are disappointing

Pope Francis decided to refer to the attack in which Daria Dugina, the daughter of the ideologist of Russian neo-imperialism, was killed. “I’m thinking of that poor girl who was blown up by a bomb under the car seat in Moscow,” he said. As he added, “the innocent pay for the war.” Ukraine’s ambassador to the Holy See, Andriy Jurasz, tweeted on Wednesday that the words of Pope Francis are “disappointing”

At the audience in the Hall of Paul VI c Vatican a large group of children and teenagers with Ukrainestaying in Italy under the care of Caritas. Addressing the meeting participants, Pope Francis he recalled that “the beloved Ukrainian nation has been suffering for six months because of the horror of war”.

– I want concrete steps to be taken to end the war and avoid the risk of a nuclear disaster at the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant. I carry prisoners in my heart, especially those who are in poor condition. I am asking the authorities to get involved in their release, he said.

Pope in general audience in the VaticanPAP / EPA / ETTORE FERRARI

– And I think about the children, so many died. About many refugees. There are many of them here. There are so many wounded. So many Ukrainian and Russian children became orphans. Being an orphan has no nationality. They lost their father or mother, both Russian and Ukrainian – he added.

He assured me that he was thinking of “great cruelty, of so many innocents who pay for madness, madness of all sides, because war is madness and no one can say: ‘no, I am not a madman'”.

The Pope on Daria Dugin: I think about this poor girl

Franciszek also referred to the death of Daria Dugina, the daughter of Alexander Dugin, the main ideologist of Russian neo-imperialism, who was killed in the attack. “I’m thinking of that poor girl who was blown up by a bomb under the car seat in Moscow,” he said.

Her car exploded near Moscow. Who was Daria Dugina?

– The innocent pay for the war, the innocent. Let us think about this reality and say it again: war is madness. And those who make money from the war and the arms trade are criminals. They are murdering humanity – noted Francis.

Daria DuginaReuters TV / Tsargrad TV

He recalled that the war also continued in other countries, including from 10 years in Syria. He mentioned the war in Yemen, where – as he emphasized – many children suffer from hunger. He also recalled the fate of the Rohingya people being expelled from their lands in Burma.

– But today, in a special way, six months after the start of the war, let’s think about Ukraine and Russia. I have dedicated both countries to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who is the true mother of these beloved countries. Let her, mother, look at Ukraine, look at Russia and let her bring us peace. We need peace – concluded Francis.

Ukraine’s ambassador to the Vatican: Francis’ disappointing words

The Pope’s words were referred to by the Ukrainian ambassador to the Holy See, Andriy Jurasz. “Today’s speech by the Pope was disappointing and made me think about many things: you cannot speak in the same terms about the aggressor and the victim, about the rapist and the raped,” he wrote on Twitter.

“How is it possible to mention one of the ideologues of Russian imperialism as an innocent victim?” – this is how he referred to the words of Franciszek about the daughter of the Kremlin ideologist, Daria Dugin, killed in an explosion in a car. “She was killed by the Russians as a sacrificed victim and now she is on the shield of the war,” assessed the Ukrainian ambassador.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / ETTORE FERRARI

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