The Polish volleyball player may go down in history. Only a few have achieved this

In the quarter-final match with the Americans, Zatorski felt pain during one of the defense interventions. So during the match, he began to replace him Jakub Popiwczakwho walked onto the pitch to assist in the defense. Doubts hovered over the performance of the experienced libero in the semi-finals. Zatorski, however, ran onto the pitch in the basic squad and endured five full sets on it.

He was accurate to 35 percent, but did not make a single mistake that would bring his rivals a direct point. After the meeting, he paused in front of the television cameras, but later only slipped through the interview zone, apologizing to journalists and refusing to talk.

Everything is fine with him. He said that he felt something in the match against the USA. Even in the morning, during the start-up before meeting Brazil, he started classes a bit calmer, but it turned out that he was fine – ensure Nikola Grbićcoach of Polish volleyball players.

Alessandro Michieletto: I hope we will have an epic duel tomorrow. VIDEO/Paweł Pyziak / Mateusz Wróbel (operator)/INTERIA.TV

Volleyball World Championship. Paweł Zatorski close to a historic success

The 32-year-old libero should therefore also appear in today’s final against Italy. If the Polish national team wins, Zatorski will join the elite group of three-time world champions.

He made his debut in the national team in 2009. Five years later he was the main player of the Polish team, which won the gold of the world championship on Polish fields. In 2018, he repeated this feat on the stock exchanges in Bulgaria and Italy. There were four other Polish volleyball players in both “golden” teams, but only Zatorski still plays for the Polish national team. And it remains its important link – Grbić bets on him in all the most important matches. In total, libero has already won 12 medals of major events with the team. No player from the current squad has such a long list of successes.

A possible third world championship title for Poland will make the experienced volleyball player join the elite group of three-time world champions. There are seven names on the list of the most successful players in the history of volleyball.

Four of them are Italians who won the World Cup in 1990-1998. Each time they were in the Italian team then Marco Bracci, Andrea Gardini, Andrea Giani and Ferdinando De Giorgi. The latter will try to interrupt Zatorski on Sunday, because he is currently leading the Italian national team.

Three-time champions played for the Brazilian national team, which triumphed in the first three World Cups in the 21st century. They received gold medals every time Giba, Dante Amaral and Rodrigo Santana, known to fans as Rodrigao.

Zatorski and his colleagues will fight for the historic achievement in Katowice’s Spodek. The match between Poland and Italy starts today at 21. Three hours earlier the Brazil-Slovenia meeting, which will decide on the bronze medals.

Broadcast of the 2022 volleyball world championship in Polsat! Relations in Interia Sport

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