The Polish giant in the food industry announces price increases. This year

“We introduced price increases in March, another in June, but the end of this year will require another price correction. I think that it will be an increase of several percent. I would like this to close the subject of increases for a long time, but there are too many unknowns, so I am not sure “- Krzysztof Pawiński told PAP Biznes.

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As he emphasizes, the company is forced to introduce changes due to rising production costs. It is primarily about energy related loadsbut not only.

“The same applies to the prices of raw materials. Compared to last year’s purchases, for example, sugar is over 100% more expensive. We are in the buying season – there is not a single agricultural product that would be cheaper. This is often a jump above 100%, and several dozen percent is a low penalty. Wheat is only slightly below the recent peak – last year we had less than PLN 800 per ton, now it is PLN 1500-1600 per ton, and it was even PLN 1800 per ton “- explained PAP Biznes.

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