The policemen received a phone call from … a capuchin monkey

As the connection was broken, the dispatchers tried to get through there without success. The alarmed sheriff’s office sent its officers to the address indicated.

According to CNN on Sunday, it turned out that none of the Conservation Ambassadors employees had called 911.

“Then everyone realized it must have been a Capuchin monkey named Route, who got out of the cage.”

The sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook. Route staff said it must have accidentally found a cell phone.

A capuchin monkey called the police (pictorial photo)A capuchin monkey called the police (pictorial photo) – Shutterstock

“We were told that the capuchin monkeys are very curious, they catch everything. Route just started pressing the buttons on the phone,” the sheriff’s office explained.

Conservation Ambassadors staff warned that people should not keep capuchins as pets. “They are so inquisitive that you never know what might happen “- they explained.

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