The Pole makes a sensation in the USA. Jeremy Sochan is compared to a great star

In front of Jeremy Sochan intense months during which she will start a completely new stage in her career. The winger will make his debut in a few weeks NBA, and before that, he will play a few sparrings and work through the preparatory period. Although he has not played in the NBA packages yet, he has already won the hearts of many fans, not only from Poland.

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During Media Day, the day when all teams meet with journalists, Sochan’s new hairstyle was quite a sensation. The Pole decided to dye his head in three colors: pink, orange and turquoise. These colors were featured on the Spurs logo from 1989 to 2002, and the combination was called “Fiesta”.

“This is the first time I’ve had three colors on my head. I did it about a week ago. On Instagram, a lot of people wrote to me to do it, so I thought,” Why not? ” admitted Sochan, who is known to like to experiment with a haircut.

The Pole’s hairstyle was warmly received online, some even compared Sochan to Dennis Rodman, who played Spurs in 1993-1995. The legendary wingman also liked to dye his hair different colors. “I love this boy” one of the commenters wrote. The rest were delighted too.

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