The playful face of the queen. An anecdote about Elizabeth II unknown to American tourists

During her reign, Elizabeth II was not afraid to show the playful face of the royal family. Former Royal Security Officer Richard “Dick” Griffin recalled one of the amusing situations. As he said, two tourists talked to the walking queen, but they did not recognize her. She didn’t explain who she was, but mentioned that Griffin was “regularly” seeing the Queen. The officer added that at one point one of the tourists “took his camera, gave it to the Queen and asked her if she could take a picture of us.” “The queen agreed,” he said. In her 70 years as a monarch, she starred alongside the James Bond film and drank tea with Paddington.

The funny side of Queen Elizabeth II’s personality was recently discovered by former Royal Security Officer Richard “Dick” Griffin, who shared with journalists a story about a meeting with American tourists.

– While walking in the hills near the Scottish castle at Balmoral, two American tourists approached the queen. One of them started talking to her, said Griffin. When asked where she was from, Elizabeth replied that she was from London. She added that she had a vacation home just over the hill that she had been visiting for over 80 years since she was a little girl. “She didn’t say she meant Balmoral Castle,” Griffin said.

Queen Elizabeth II photographs her corgi at Windsor Park in 1960 in Windsor, EnglandAnwar Hussein / Getty Images

A tourist aware that the royal castle was nearby asked Elizabeth if she had ever met the queen. “She quickly replied,” I haven’t met, but Dick meets her regularly, “Griffin said. A tourist was supposed to ask what the queen is like personally.

‚ÄúSince I’ve known her for a long time, I knew I could tease her. I said, she can be very argumentative at times, but she has a wonderful sense of humor, Griffin replied. The delighted tourist put his arm around the security guard and asked if he could take a picture with him.

Before I knew what was going on, he took his camera, gave it to the queen, and asked her if she could take a picture of us. The queen agreed. After a while, Griffin took the camera and took a picture of the queen with a couple of tourists. Later, as the security officer said, the queen mentioned, “I wish I was a fly on the wall when I showed these pictures to my friends in America, and I hope someone will tell him who I am.”

Movie scene with James Bond, tea with Paddington bear

This is not the only time the monarch has shown her playful face. When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said during a meeting with the Queen that he “is deeply aware of Her Majesty’s long and tireless service to the Commonwealth and its citizens,” she replied curtly: “Thank you to the Prime Minister of Canada for making me feel old.”

The video from the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics in which the actor of James Bond’s last role, Daniel Craig, greets the Queen, and after a while they both get into the helicopter, has become very popular.

In a witty movie, the famous agent and the queen jumped with parachutes over the Olympic Stadium. At this point, the floodlights turned to the honorary stand, which was entered by the queen, who was greeted with enthusiasm.

On the 70th anniversary of her rule, Elizabeth agreed to record a short video in which she drinks tea with the popular British bear Paddington. The unruly bear finally offered the queen a marmalade sandwich. “I always keep one just in case,” explained the bear. “I do that too,” replied the queen, taking her sandwich from her black purse. “For later,” she added.

Walk with David Attenborough

The famous British biologist and science promoter David Attenborough admitted that the 19-minute walk with the Queen in Buckingham Palace Garden was something special – he talked about the planting of trees and the noise made by helicopters flying over London.

When the Queen heard the loud whir of one of the helicopters, she joked that it “sounds like President Trump”. Coming back to tree planting, David Attenborough said at the time that “in 50 years all kinds of new trees could grow here”. “I will not be here then,” the queen replied with a smile.

Elizabeth in Surrey in 2018PAP / EPA / STR

The biologist and queen also took a moment to consider the sense of building a sundial in a shaded area. – Nice idea, isn’t it? – said Elizabeth. – How did he get put in the shadows? I am convinced that there was no shadow here when it was erected. Maybe we can move it – she added.

Main photo source: Anwar Hussein / Getty Images

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