The Perceiver will fascinate fans of Ghost of Tsushima. The game is headed for PS5 and PS4

The Perceiver will fascinate fans of Ghost of Tsushima. The game is headed for PS5 and PS4

Another production has appeared on the horizon, which many recipients will not pass by indifferently. The latest title from 17ZHE Studio and Papergames was unveiled in an extensive trailer that may make you remember the name Project: The Perceiver.

Papergames is probably not a company well known to many Western players, because Chinese developers have so far been developing smaller, mobile items. The teams belonging to the company have been developing games since 2013 and specialize in productions for women – in 2019, two developed titles reached 100 million users around the world. It is not a small company, because already three years ago there were over 600 developers working in its ranks, and the team’s ambition was to increase the employment to 1000 specialists.

There are many indications that the Chinese are going a step further and have undertaken a more ambitious project than another game for mobile devices, which is why they shared the first material from Project: The Perceiver. It is an open-world action game that can intrigue players with gameplay, location of events and setting.

The story of Project: The Perceiver will take players to a time when “the old dynasty has collapsed and the nation was left in chaos.” During the game, we will visit several spectacular and atmospheric cities, which was slightly presented in the trailer. Playing the role of Master of Varietas, we will have to face many beasts and collect enigmatic masks.

“During the Tianhu Xuantang Dynasty, a strange creature was discovered in the countryside. Its color was ugly and its shape impossible to describe. People were terrified. Despite attempts to learn about this omen, no conclusions could be reached. “

Papergames has developed an extensive trailer that has been made available by PlayStation – it has been announced that the game will hit PS5 and PS4, but we can confirm now, it will also be available on other platforms.

So far, we have not learned the release date.

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