The participant of “Got Talent” naked on stage. Viewers saw everything

The participant of “Got Talent” naked on stage.  Viewers saw everything

The participant of “Got Talent” naked on stage. Viewers saw everything

American Edition”I have a talent” is one of the most popular in the world. It was there that we could watch stunning performances Sarah James, who won the hearts of fans around the globe with her extraordinary voice. However, it is no secret that the program also includes participants who boast of unusual skills or appear only to gain publicity and cause controversy. One of them is Sethward, a comedian who has appeared in the preliminaries many times. This time, however, he was remembered for good.

Participant “Got Talent” naked. A mishap on a popular show

Sethward regularly tries his hand at America’s Got Talent, this time he appeared on stage dressed as a giant apple.

– I’m Big Apple. That’s what they call me, though I find it a bit tactless. How would you feel if they called you Fat Howie? – he started the performance, addressing one of the jurors.

Then the comedian came out of the apple in the guise of a huge worm and began to roll around the stage. This, perhaps unintentional, reference to the famous Heidi Klum outfit did not cause positive reactions, the jurors pressed the red buttons. The man continued the show, which the show host Terry Crews decided to interrupt. Unknowingly, it caused a lot more excitement than the Sethward show itself.

The host of “Mam Talent” took off the participant’s panties. Viewers saw everything

Terry Crews decided to grab the lower part of the contestant’s costume and pull him off the stage. The problem is that not only did he fail, he also stripped the comedian. Together with the costume, he pulled off the comedian’s panties, who quickly ran off the stage. Previously, however, the judges and the audience could see him naked from the waist down. The host of “Got Talent” did not hide his embarrassment.

– Dear God. What can I say. I’m just sorry he said confused.

The viewers’ faces say it all. Well, the stubborn participant managed to gain popularity, although it’s not entirely his merit.



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