The outrageous FIFA letter also reached Poland. They have no shame?

The outrageous FIFA letter also reached Poland. They have no shame?

The list of allegations against the Qatar World Cup is huge. First, there are laws in this small Arab country that are unacceptable to a free man living in the West. It’s enough to mention that homosexual relationships are criminalized there. Secondly, it is about the scandalous working conditions of Asian workers building stadiums and infrastructure for fans. Third, the championship was awarded in return for huge bribes. Fourthly, Qatar is a country absolutely devoid of football tradition, for which it was necessary to turn the calendar of all competitions upside down. A nearly two-month break during the season is one big unknown that coaches around the world will have to deal with.

It’s the big countdown to the World Cup in Qatar. VIDEO /IVAN PISARENKO / AFPTV / AFP/AFP

The closer to the World Cup, the more critical voices are against its host and FIFA. Although no representation has decided to boycott, there are strong manifestations of opposition. Danes will occur in special T-shirts covering the coat of arms of their federation, in turn Australians they recorded a short videoin which they talk about how much evil is happening in Qatar.

World Cup 2022: FIFA continues to compromise itself

Meanwhile, a few days before the World Cup, FIFA decided to send a letter to all participants of the event, including Poland. Its content is outrageous. Gianni Infantino and Fatma Samoura are calling for “to focus now on football” and not to let football “get dragged into any ideological or political battle that exists.”

This is not the end. Here are the following paragraphs: “At FIFA we try to respect all opinions and beliefs, without giving moral lessons to the rest of the world. One of its strengths is diversity, and if globality means anything, it is respect for said diversity. No nation, culture or nation. They are no better than others. This principle is the cornerstone of mutual respect and non-discrimination. And it is also one of the fundamental values ​​of football. Let us all remember this and let football take center stage. Now, at the FIFA World Cup, we have a unique opportunity to welcome and hug everyone, regardless of their origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation or nationality. Let’s take this opportunity and unite the world with the universal language of football. “

Hypocrisy is pouring out of this letter in waves. Therefore, it is hard to expect that the federations that received it, however referred to the content. The fans themselves – as can be seen in social media – are also very skeptical of what they could read. Conscious people understand that this year’s World Cup is a model example of sportswashing, i.e. warming up your image through sport. However, Qatar’s sin list is so long that the billions of dollars spent on it may not be enough.

Jakub Żelepień, Interia

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