The old gentleman vulgarly insulted Doda at the concert. The singer could not stand it

Doda (38) was one of the stars of the Earth Festival 2022, which took place in Uniejów under the slogan “Stars for Clean Poland”. As it turns out, not all of them always have “pure” intentions. Someone strongly offended Doda from under the stage. The star did not owe him!

Doda has had to deal with harsh criticism, which is somehow inscribed in her profession. The singer struggles not only with hate, but also with hate speech. She was even threatened with a knife at one time! In that situation She will add notified the police.

Now, in an interview with the reporter of Pomponik portal, she told about another unpleasant situation that happened to her at one of the concerts. She reacted equally harshly to the vulgar comment from the audience!

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