The oath – this will happen in the September episodes of the series. Meltem breaks out of prison! [27.08.2022 r.]

The Polish Television broadcasts the fourth season of the Turkish series “Przysińôga”. Episodes can be watched on TVP 1 from Monday to Friday at 16.05. Replays are broadcast the next day after 5 am. The series can also be watched via VOD. See what happens in the next episodes of the series in September. We present the summaries of the episodes in our gallery!

Tastes of Kujawy and Pomerania – season 4 episode 30

In the last August episode of the series “The Oath”: Meltem decides to run away because she feels the ground is burning under her feet. Hakan delays her plans for Kemal to gain time. Beyhan looks forward to his revenge on Emir and Gulperi.
He decides to take matters into his own hands and shows up at the Tarhun house. Kemal helps police arrest Meltem. He still doesn’t know what message his late aunt left him.

Check in the gallery what will happen in September in the series “The Oath”

The premiere of the series “The Oath” in Poland took place on September 3, 2019 on TVP1. The Polish broadcaster uses a different division into episodes than in the original. This is due to the fact that one episode of the Turkish original is approx. 50-70 minutes long, and Telewizja Polska broadcasts the production in 45-minute episodes.


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