The oath series – this will happen after the weekend and in early October. Gulperi and Emir’s lives at stake! [26.09.22]

In the article gallery we present summaries of the episodes of the series “The Oath”, which will be broadcast after the penultimate weekend in September and at the beginning of October. Coming Soon On The Series: Tulay is plotting a plan that will end up killing Gulperi. Emir will fight Savas and then go missing. Savas does not want to reveal what happened to Emir, Gulperi will shoot the man and hurt him. The series “The Oath” is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 16.05 on TVP 1.

Watch the video; Flavors Season 4, Episode 34 (Goose):

This will happen soon in the series “The Oath”: It will later be revealed that Emir Tarhun has been kidnapped, and an informant who reports this to Gulperi will claim that Emir has been killed. Gulperi, however, wants to find Emir or his body at all costs. Savas tracks down the man behind Emir’s disappearance. Unexpectedly, Masal shows up at Kemal’s house. Why did the girl come back from abroad? Is the Emir alive? What else will happen in the series “The Oath”? You can find summaries of the latest episodes in the gallery.

The series “The Oath” is broadcast on TVP 1 from Monday to Friday at 16.05. Episodes are also available on the VOD service.

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The premiere of the series “The Oath” in Poland took place on September 3, 2019 on TVP 1. The Polish broadcaster uses a different division of the content into episodes than in the original. This is due to the fact that one episode of the Turkish original is approx. 50-70 minutes long, and the Polish Television broadcasts the production in 45-minute episodes.

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