The number of burglaries is growing exponentially. Policies are also an issue

– Statistics show that thieves most often steal electronics, jewelry, cash and property stored in cellars, among others bicycles and other sports equipment, but even technical devices such as air conditioners or elements of stoves and heat pumps fall prey to them – says Kordian Czuryłło, product manager at Warta.

According to the police statistics, in the first half of the year there were as much as 30 percent in Poznań. more such thefts than in the corresponding period of 2021. In Lublin, the increase was 22 percent, in Warsaw by 8 percent, and in Gdańsk by 5.

More and more often … inflation is becoming a problem with theft. The amount of the compensation paid depends on the sum insured, which is stipulated in the contract. This is the maximum amount of compensation agreed between the client and the insurance company. Inflation, however, means that at present the amount may be much lower than the value of the property. Meanwhile, inflation forecasts remain high – the problem will get worse.

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