The new PS5 is coming? Sony is to decide on a surprising move

From time to time we get specifics about the next PS5 revisions, but Sony is to work on a completely refreshed console. The corporation reportedly opted for a detachable drive – the device is to be revealed next year.

Sony is still working on improving the capabilities of the PS5 and preparing more polished versions of the device. However, the corporation is to work on a complete refreshment of the platform.

Tom Henderson at Insider Gaming just mentioned an interesting project – Sony is to work on a console that will receive a refreshed housing. The manufacturer is to offer an “almost identical” specification as in the case of the currently released versions.

“Sources familiar with Sony’s plans shared details on a confidential basis, outlining the next iteration of PlayStation 5. It was suggested that the new console would completely replace the A, B and C cases that had been in production since the console’s launch. The console, now called the PlayStation 5 with the D chassis, will have almost the same hardware as the existing consoles on the market. “

The informant emphasizes that the device is to receive a detachable drive, which we connect via an additional USB-C port:

“The most surprising new feature of the new PS5, however, is that the console will have a detachable drive. The detachable drive will connect to the PlayStation 5 via an additional USB-C port on the back of the console.

According to Henderson – Sony wants to sell the new PS5 in a set with or without an additional drive, and players even have the option to buy the element itself …

The proposal, however, is to resemble the currently released PlayStation 5 model, which suggests that the drive will be … inserted inside the housing?

“Sources suggest that while the new detachable drive is portable, it will not destroy the console’s aesthetics and will be attached to it without looking externally, which probably means the new PlayStation 5 will look similar to the existing model.”

The guide emphasizes that the equipment may be “slimmer and lighter” – the device is to be disclosed in the middle of the current fiscal year and will be available on the market around September 2024.

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