The new face of the Russian “special operation”. He personally recruits soldiers in prisons [WIDEO]

In the recording circulating on the Internet, you can see a man resembling Prigożyn, who presents the prisoners of one of the penal colonies with the conditions of “cooperation”. The businessman says, among other things, that desertion, looting, drugs and alcohol as well as putting himself into captivity are forbidden.

For his commitment to fight for half a year, Prigożyn – the head of a private military mercenary company, the so-called Wagner’s group – promises a pardon. However, he warns that if anyone quits the fight, he will be declared a deserter and shot.

Mediazona points out that previously the prisoners interviewed by the service admitted that he came to some penal colonies Prigożyn in person to conduct recruitment. The portal emphasizes that so far in the public space it is known about several prisoners who died during the war in Ukraine.

In the latest report by the US Institute for War Studies (HEI), we read that Prigozhin is introducing a “Stalinist” method that allows the Kremlin to avoid a general mobilization order that could ignite social tensions in Russian society.

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Yevgeny Prigozhin. Who is “Putin’s cook”

Yevgeny Prigozhin is considered the founder and owner of the so-called Wagner groups. It is the first private military company established under the supervision of former GRU officers. The “Wagner Group” is an association of loosely linked private military companies pursuing Moscow’s interests. It acts as the Kremlin’s “long arm” and is sent to conflict zones where Russia is not officially involved.

The beginnings of the “Wagner group” date back to the turn of 2013 and 2014. It was headed by Dmitry Utkin, a paratrooper, retired GRU colonel, a neo-Nazi fascinated by the Third Reich and an admirer of the great patriotic war tradition. Utkin can often be photographed in German WWII uniforms. He claims that he is fascinated by the works of Richard Wagner, who was Adolf Hitler’s favorite composer. From mid-December 2021, Wagnerists are subject to EU sanctions for torture, executions and killings, including in Libya, Syria and Donbas.

Yevgeny Prigozhin refuses to be interviewed. He has admitted neither to establishing and running the “Wagner group”, nor to organizing a farm of trolls that were to wreak havoc in the US presidential election.

I am not disappointed at all that I have appeared on this list of defendants. If anyone wants to see the devil, let him do it

he said moments after the Americans charged him with interference in their presidential elections.

sources: Mediazona, ISW

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