The new 500 plus for seniors, i.e. the Marriage + Program. How many years should a relationship last for a monthly payment? [21.08.2022]

Two years later, the issue of a permanent 500-plus allowance for long-term married couples returns. Then a request for a legislative initiative went to the president. As it was not undertaken, now, at the initiative of citizens, a similar project – in the form of a petition – has been submitted to the Sejm. Importantly, the members of the special committee appointed to consider the petitions formally dealt with this petition.

There is therefore a chance that the matter will continue – the more so as the idea has many supporters also from the circle of the ruling party – Law and Justice, including the former family minister – Elżbieta Rafalska.

If the family ministry quickly prepares the analyzes expected by the deputies, there is a chance that decisions will be made this year on the payment of a special allowance for seniors who remain married for a long time, i.e. launching the Marriage + program. As all research, including the authors of the initiative, shows, married couples with such a long history in Poland belong to the group of the least wealthy and struggle with considerable problems, including health problems, which would be easier to solve even with such financial support, which in turn for the state budget would not would be an additional expense of considerable importance.

The authors of the citizens’ petition, which is in the Sejm, did not propose any detailed solutions. In this matter, one can only refer to the document from two years ago, which was sent to the president.


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