The Netherlands. According to experts, air ticket prices will increase by at least 20 percent next year

From 2023, air travel will be at least 20 percent more expensive than today, writes the Dutch daily De Telegraaf. The experts quoted by the newspaper blame this state of affairs mainly on the high prices of aviation fuel, the high dollar exchange rate and rising airport charges.

Already, charges at Schiphol airport near Amsterdam are 37 percent higher, and the price of oil is 50 percent higher. than at the beginning of the year.

Increase in airline ticket prices

The fact that ticket prices have not so far increased significantly despite the rise in oil prices, the newspaper explains that airlines generally buy fuel well in advance at a fixed price. The problem will arise when contracts expire and you have to buy fuel at a higher price, and this will be reflected in the ticket price.

“ On top of that, there’s a strengthening of the US dollar, ” says Marnix Fruitema of Barin, an organization that represents the interests of airlines in The Netherlands. Lately dollar’s exchange rate against the euro, it has risen sharply, and airlines are paying for oil in the US currency, which will further impact costs.

Limits at Schiphol airport

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol authorities recently announced extension of the daily passenger quota. In September, the passenger limit will be 67.5 thousand. per day, and in October it will increase to 69.5 thousand. Similar restrictions also apply during the current holiday season.

Schiphol airport, AmsterdamAnton Gvozdikov / Shutterstock

During the pandemic, when air traffic decreased significantly due to travel restrictions, employment was also reduced, especially among ground staff, and now that the demand for flying has returned to pre-pandemic levels, airports have lacked staff for baggage handling, security, security or cleaning, which means that airlines are not able to perform all scheduled flights.

Main photo source: Anton Gvozdikov / Shutterstock

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