The MPC member reveals on Radio Maryja what to do with the interest rate hikes

“Seems like the first the incentive in the form of rising inflation to raise rates will be clearly diminished. (…) The economic growth in Q2 was clearly over 5% year-on-year, but the quarter-on-quarter decline was 2.3%. This shows that the economy is already slowing down in various places. A dramatic collapse in interest in mortgage loans. (…) The situation (…) does not leave much freedom for the MPC to make decisions. I think that, of course, Poles should also reckon with some rate hikes. Saying some, I mean the effects of our next decision-making meeting at the beginning of September, maybe even in October. It seems that the end of the interest rate cycle that has been going on since October 2021 is now near“- said in Radio Maryja MPC member Henryk Wnorowski. His words are quoted by PAP Biznes.

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