The most modern US ship in Japan. CNN: China will be interested in it

The multi-purpose missile destroyer USS Zumwalt, the most modern warship in the US Navy, has arrived in Japan. He will be stationed there permanently. As CNN commented, the ship, which may soon be equipped with a hypersonic weapon, is sure to get China’s attention.

The USS Zumwalt is one of three US ships of this type. Each of the units is 185 meters long, 16 thousand. tons of buoyancy and 80 vertical rocket launchers that can hit targets on land and at sea, including submarines. Each of the Zumwalt-class ships costs about $ 8 billion.

As the American Navy emphasizes, it is the most technologically advanced naval warship in the world. The unit has a distinctive silhouette designed according to the stealth technique make it difficult to detect the ship, among others by enemy radars.

According to August information from industry media, USS Zumwalt is to be equipped with hypersonic missiles in 2023 – reminds CNN. These types of missiles travel several times the speed of sound, can maneuver, and are considered difficult to detect by air defense systems.

The USS Zumwalt, which entered the port of Guam last week, arrived in Japan on Monday, where he was assigned to the 15th destroyer squadron, stationed at the Yokosuka base near Tokyo – the spokesman of the US VII Fleet said.

The presence of the American stealth warship will attract much attention from China – says CNN, quoting the opinion of former US navy captain Carl Schuster.

A competing Chinese unit – the Type 055 destroyer – is smaller than the Zumwalt destroyers, but has 112 rocket launchers with a similar function to the American ships. China already has six such units and plans to build more as part of its program to build the world’s strongest navy, adds CNN.

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