The minimum wage in 2023. Companies will pay up to PLN 27 billion

Although there is still a year left to the parliamentary elections, the government has already prepared a gift for around 3 million voters. He showed he had a gesture and announced an increase in the minimum wage greater than previously assumed. From January 1, 2023, the lowest earners can count on increasing the minimum wage under the employment contract from PLN 3,010 gross to PLN 3,490 gross. After six months, there will be a second increase by law – to PLN 3,600 gross.

Economists note that next year’s minimum wage will be around half of the average wage. It will increase by almost 20%, while the forecasts for the national average assume rather low double-digit dynamics. Though it shouldn’t be a big shock to the economymany employers will have a hard time to crack.

After the tax increase under the Polish Agreement, the government adds further costs to companies (related to employment), and these are already struggling with, inter alia, with rapidly growing bills for electricity, gas, fuel, etc. In addition, there are very high costs of servicing loans and financial obligations, which are the result of increases in NBP interest rates.

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How much will employers pay?

Currently, the cost of the employer employing the minimum wage (PLN 3010 gross) is over PLN 3500. Out of this, the employee only gets net PLN 2,181 net. In a year, his payment will be higher by PLN 404 net, but the employer will be charged with an additional PLN 810. Its cost will increase to PLN 4,337.

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