The millionaire was looking for a free assistant. Then he found he was joking

Influencer, developer and personal trainer Dawid Piątkowski announced that he is looking for an assistant to the management board of the W&P Invest Group. “Salary? Zero zlotys a month. If you do not want to work for free, do not apply” – he wrote in the details of the “offer”. He was immediately criticized for this. After that, Piątkowski added stories in which he stated that he “likes it when something happens” and that only 3 days of trial are free.

But the curiosity of this offer was not only the lack of remuneration. According to the requirements described by Piątkowski, a candidate for this position should have, inter alia, “experience in modeling, know English, have your own economic activitybe available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. “In return, the company offered, among other things,” assistance in personal and spiritual development and investments. “

“Anyone who thought that the shortage of money would be indefinite, then congratulations. I will spoil the fun, but there will be 3 trial days. And then I will make sure that the management assistant is appreciated more than anywhere else” – wrote Piątkowski in one of his Instagram stories. He also said that he wonders what the critics “have in their heads” and is sorry that “they have to live with each other on a daily basis”. The entrepreneur added that the company had already selected an assistant from among the applications that came to them.

Criticism of Piątkowski

Earlier, he posted screenshots of people’s opinions about his “job”.

“What job xD It’s not a job for free. You’d be ashamed to write such things on the Internet. And if it’s a joke, it’s really not funny” – one of them read.

“Seriously for works with 24/7 availability, etc. none salary? Are you looking for a slave? Even if it’s a joke, it’s very distasteful, “wrote another person.

“The bottom line is that the ranges are growing. This is the level of people today. Żenua” – said another.

As you can see, contrary to Piątkowski’s claims, some users guessed that it was probably a “joke”, but simply decided that there was nothing funny about it. Especially considering that on the Polish labor market various abuses by employers are still very common.

Earlier, Piątkowski had become famous, when he boasted on Instagram of his love for breaking road rules and driving fast. Then, as part of the “apology”, he organized … a workshop costing several dozen thousand zlotys, aimed at teaching how to go “from zero to a millionaire”. He promised to donate the proceeds to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

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