The Marshal offers SKM 10 new trains

The Marshal offers SKM 10 new trains

The Marshal’s Office wants to help the Fast City Railway to acquire 10 new trains that would serve the agglomeration traffic. The provincial government offered the carrier to hand over 10 out of 31 trains ordered in spring. – We observe with concern the ineptitude of the management board SKM-ki in the purchase of new rolling stock, as evidenced by two outstanding tenders. That is why we are reaching out to help – says Leszek Bonna, vice-marshal of the voivodeship.

The proposal submitted to the board of Szybka Kolej Miejska is a result two unsuccessful tenders for the purchase of 10 new trains. SKM announced them only this year, basically taking away the chance for a positive outcome of the procedure due to the too short time of production and delivery of ten trains (SKM had a deadline of the end of December 2023).

In parallel the new rolling stock was also ordered by the Marshal’s Officewhich is the organizer of railway transport in the voivodeship.

And it is from the pool of trains ordered a few months ago that 10 electric multiple units are to come from, which they need but cannot buy SKM.

– We announced the spring tender for the purchase of 31 trains with a view to servicing agglomeration and regional traffic – he says Leszek Bonna, Deputy Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. – Their purchase can be financed from the National Reconstruction Plan or from European funds for Pomerania. In August, we signed a contract for the delivery of the first two electric multiple units with the option of ordering another 29 sets. So we are ready to provide the missing 10 trains that SKM wanted to purchase and hand them over to the company so that it could carry out transport in agglomeration traffic – declared Bonna.
The first 2 trains ordered by the Marshal’s Office are to reach the Tri-City next year. Another 29 in the following years.

PLN 150 for renting a train a day

Appropriate letter with the proposal submitted to the president of SKM Maciej Lignowski by the Marshal’s Office was released on Wednesday morning. Now the idea will be analyzed by the company’s management board in consultation with the owner, i.e. the Polish State Railways.

Marshal Bonna emphasized that he was waiting for an answer from SKM immediately.

How would the trains be handed over to the carrier?

– All vehicles owned by the voivodeship are currently made available to carriers in accordance with the applicable voivodeship resolution. The rate for one day of lease is PLN 150 net for one composition – he specifies Eugeniusz Manikowskideputy director of the transport department at the Marshal’s Office.
As Marshal Bonna admitted, the idea of ​​handing over the 10 ordered trains to the carrier results from concern for the welfare of passengers as well as from the “awkwardness of the SKM board”.

– We observe with concern the awkwardness of the SKM management board in the purchase of new rolling stock, as evidenced by two pending tenders. That is why we want to help her in this, because the SKM fleet is suitable for immediate replacement – adds Bonna.

Bonna: we act substantively, not politically

Confederation MPs spoke about the ineffectiveness of both the voivodeship authorities, which organize rail transport, and the carrier itself, on Tuesday in Gdańsk, spoken by Confederation MPs – Krzysztof Bosak and Michał Urbaniak.

A tender for the purchase of 10 SKM trains under the NIK scrutinyA tender for the purchase of 10 SKM trains under the NIK scrutiny

They indicated as the reason political conflict between PO and PiSthey also declared their readiness to be a mediator between the two parties and announced a request to the Supreme Audit Office to control failed tenders and risk the loss of PLN 160 million in funding.

– I do not know on what grounds Mr Bosak made such a thesis in public. The Marshal’s Office operates substantively, not politically. The fact that this is so is evidenced by our proposal, which is beyond political divisions – emphasized Bonna.

Statement of SKM representatives

Tomasz ZłotośSKM spokesman:

We are surprised by the words of Marshal Bonny. Let us recall that the EU funding for the purchase of new vehicles was obtained by PKP SKM in 2018 (and not in 2017, as stated by the Marshal). Two years later (November 10, 2020), we proposed to the Voivodeship Self-government to take over this purchase along with our co-financing. If the provincial government had accepted our proposal then, we would have received the first vehicles this year. The local government did not accept our proposal at the time.

At the same time, in December 2020, the local government concluded a transport contract with PKP SKM until December 2026, in which it did not take into account the possibility of purchasing modern rolling stock by PKP SKM. Only the annex to the transport contract concluded on August 23, 2022 between the Pomeranian Voivodeship and PKP SKM allowed us to announce a tender for the purchase of 10 vehicles.

Why did the voivodship wait for over two years, after which the chances of a positive settlement of this tender decreased significantly?

The company PKP SKM announced a tender for 10 new vehicles on September 2, so it was 9 days from obtaining the consent of the local government to the announcement of the tender. We will, of course, consider the local government’s proposal. We also immediately referred it to the Center for EU Transport Projects. We need new trains to carry passengers with the comfort they deserve.

It should also be remembered that our rolling stock purchase project is a competition project that cannot be freely modified and the decisive opinion in this regard belongs to the CUPT and the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy.

Changing the terms of the concluded contract for co-financing between CUPT and PKP SKM will require approvals not only of PKP SKM, but also of all our owners and the aforementioned Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy and the Center for EU Transport Projects. The statement of Marshal Bona is surprising that the CEUTP stated that it is possible to change the beneficiary of this project. The CEUPT letter to our company of December 15, 2020, which was also communicated to the Voivodeship Self-government, shows that this project can be implemented jointly by the Self-government and PKP SKM, but it is not possible to change its beneficiary.

CUPT also indicated a number of conditions that must be met in order for this project to be implemented jointly by PKP SKM and the Voivodeship Self-government. It should also be remembered that the project concerned the purchase of 10 vehicles, and the proposal of the Local Government mentions “at least 7 vehicles”. Therefore, it will be necessary for the CEUTP to determine whether such a change in the project is possible, and if so, whether it will not affect the amount of EU funding.


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