The list of participants in “Asia Express” is leaking! A Turkish pub hid them

New bosses TVN-u decided to reactivate the adventure show with the stars after three years. The participants do not have any money or any facilities that would allow them to travel through Asia efficiently under the watchful eye of the cameras (this season it will be places in Turkey, Georgia and Uzbekistan). We will find out how they handle it in the spring of 2023. Meanwhile, we have already met some of the heroes who agreed to take part in “Asia Express”.

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The list of participants of “Asia Express” is leaking! A Turkish pub made a hidden recording of them

As already mentioned, the next edition of “Asia Express” will be recorded, among others, in Turkey. In one of the local cafes, show participants and crew members had a stop. From Sobremes Coffee’s instagram profile, we learn that the show is attended by, among others Reni Jusis, the internet creators of Andziaks and Luka or the tiktoker Remigiusz Dorawa.

Turkish restaurant revealed list of 'Asia Express' participantsTurkish restaurant revealed list of ‘Asia Express’ participants screen IG

In addition, it is speculated that Paulina Krupińska is also to take part in the show, who reportedly has only one shift planned for “Dzień dobry TVN” in October – October 2. It’s worth it he will addthat she has been silent on her Instagram for several days, and she published her last post on September 22nd.

So far, two editions of “Asia Express” and two “America Express” have been created. She led the first three seasons Agnieszka Woniak-Starakand the last one is Daria Ładocha. It is from this format that the already iconic text comes from Magorzaty Rozenek “don’t talk to me now.” Moreover, on the set of “Asia Express” a conflict developed between “Perfect” and Renata Kaczoruk. The show winners were: Michał Żurawski, Antoni Pawlicki, Aleksandra Domańska and Karolina Writers.

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