The legendary San Siro will be demolished. There will be no trace of it

  • In the first game played at the San Siro stadium, Inter beat Milan 6: 3
  • Fans sitting in the stands of this facility could see, among others several Champions League finals, as well as matches of two World Cups played in Italy
  • The largest facility of this type in this country is to be demolished only after the opening of the new stadium
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Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro) has been the home stadium of AC Milan for almost a century. The first match at this facility took place on September 19, 1926, and the opponent of the hosts was then a rival from behind Inter Milan. 21 years later, San Siro was taken over by the city, and the rulers decided then that the right to play on it would be shared by both teams in Milan. The legendary stadium has been rebuilt several times. At one point, the plans envisaged that it would be able to accommodate up to 150,000. viewers. For safety reasons, however, this idea was quickly abandoned, but despite this, San Siro remains the largest facility of this type in Italy to this day.

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