The Last of Us Part I on the premiere and bloody trailer. The game is “rebuilt for PS5”

Sony has published the premiere trailer of The Last of Us Part I. Next week you will read our review, and soon the production will debut on PS5, so today we can check out some refreshed scenes.

Is the Last of Us Part I worth playing? Opinions about the refreshed game are divided, but the latest material may in an interesting way encourage to the position that is currently heading for PlayStation 5, but “soon” is also to debut on personal computers.

You will not see any new scenes on the material, because, as you know, Naughty Dog did not decide to change the story from the original, but The Last of Us Part I should be of particular interest to players who have not been able to see the title available on PS3 and PS4 so far.

The trailer for The Last of Us Part I is strong, however, because Naughty Dog has cut some brutal scenes that are known in the adventure. Joel and Ellie have to make many difficult decisions to eliminate the infected and the survivors.

The material allows you to check exactly how the main characters of the story have changed – the creators emphasize that the title was “rebuilt for PS5” and developers use the full potential of the latest Sony console.

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