The last letter of Queen Elizabeth II. What did she write in it?

Queen Elizabeth II’s last letter has just arrived at the address it was sent to. What did the message contain and who was it addressed to?

The last letter of the queen who died on September 8 Elizabeth II has just arrived at its destination. To whom and what the elderly monarch wrote was revealed. What does the foreign press say about this?

The last letter of Queen Elizabeth II. What did she write?

In the morning when Australia woke up and found it Queen Elizabeth II do not livee, Natalie Akers had a solemn conversation with her 8-year-old daughter Olivia.

We talked about how it was a very sad day and how the Queen died last night and then I said, “I don’t think we’ll get this letter,” says Natalie New Idea.

Every day, for over a month, Olivia asked her mother if she could receive a special package from Buckingham Palace today. At the end of June, the girl wrote to Her Majesty, congratulating her on her Platinum Jubilee. She explained how she had recently dressed up as Queen in a costume from Trooping the Color for a costume contest, had even ridden a saddle to imitate the Queen even better, and attached photos.

She asked intermittently: “Mom, is there anything in the mail?” It’s a small town, so our little post office knew we sent it, says Natalie, who lives in Tallygaroopna, Victoria. When I found out the letter arrived, I just said, “You’re kidding.” Of all those days, the letter arrived then!

Olivia who wrote a letter to the Queen

Olivia who wrote a letter to the Queen

The embossed envelope bearing the Queen’s seal was a personalized letter from Balmoral Castle, dated August 25, 2022, signed by Lady-in-Waiting, Annabel Whitehead. She wrote that the Queen was touched by Olivia’s message and praised her gorgeous pony, Lady. As expected, a young fan royal family she was delighted.

I was excited and surprised to get the letter, says Olivia. – That’s pretty special. I like members royal family. I watch a lot of Disney princess shows.

Natalie and her daughter were unable to contain their emotions when an envelope with a message from the Queen came into their hands:

On the one hand, there was joy that Olivia got the longed-for message, on the other, sadness that it was the last letter from the queen. We couldn’t hold back our tears. It was a night full of emotions – reports the woman.

Olivia is now considering writing to other members royal familybut says he is unlikely to choose King Charles.

I was thinking about writing [do niego, red.]but i don’t mean to be rude and some members royal family they are a little older so I can write to the younger ones.

Will Olivia get an answer this time?

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